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Valami Amerika 2

a kind of america 2

Gábor Herendi
Hungary, 2008, 110 Min
HungariCom Ltd.

It's not looking good for the three dissimiliar brothers Tamás, Ákos and András. The lottery winnings were used up long ago and nobody is really interested in seeing Tamás' ambitious art house film "Sin City". He can't in fact even get rid off the promotional DVDs he had made. Tamás finds himself in an identity crisis that troubles his brother and disturbs his girlfriend to the extent that she eventually leaves him. At this point the scamster Alex, with whom the brothers have a score to settle, reappears.

Being broke himself, he manages to convince the three brothers to stage a musical at great expense.

Unfortunately for them a local mafia boss is one of the main sponsors and he insists on his daughter playing the leading part. For director Tamás this initially appears to be an insurmountable hurdle, that is until he falls in love with the self-assured and highly talented Vivi. The problem remains however that her blindly conservative father has her watched over by an unpleasant bodyguard...

The film deals in an amusing and ironic tone with the more prevalent clichés of the United States and so strikes back at the admiration for America prevalent among young Hungarians today. VALAMI AMERIKA 2 was the Hungarian film of the year in 2008. To date nearly 400,000 viewers have enjoyed this impressively choreographed work from the successful producer and director Gábor Herendi. In addition it has to be said that Hungarian cinema lives and benefits massively from such talented young actors and actresses as Csaba Pindroch, Gyözö Szabo, Ferenc Hujber and  Eszter Onodi.

35mm | Farbe / colour
Réka Divinyi, Gábor Herendi, Gábor Harmat
Balázs Márton
Csaba Major
István Király, Tamás Kollányi
Viktória Horváth, Zsolt Nánássy
Géza Pálvölgyi, Róbert Hrutka, László Szakács, Márk Süveg, Tankcsapda, Wunderbar
Győző Szabó, Csaba Pindroch, Ferenc Hujber, Tibor Szervét, Szonja Oroszlán, Eszter Ónodi, Kátya Tompos, Imre Csuja, Lucia Brawley, András Faragó, Szabolcs Thuróczy
Gábor Herendi, Agnes Havas
Skyfilm Studio
MTM-SBS Televízió
HungariCom Ltd.
Zsuzsanna Kálomista
Mesterházi út. 10
1116 Budapest
Tel: +36.1.365 17 50
Fax: +36.1.365 17 55
Gábor Herendi

Gábor Herendi - born 1960 in Budapest. After graduating he started off in the advertising business as the creative director of an advertising agency. He founded “Skyfilm Production House” in 1991. Since then   he has been directing his own commercials. Apart from directing, he is also working as an actor, writing and producing films. The first part of VALAMI AMERIKA (2001, Cottbus 2002) was his successful feature debut.

VALAMI AMERIKA (2001, Cottbus 2002)
LORA (2006)

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