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Sergey Dvortsevoy
Russia, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, China, 2018, 100 Min

She needs money – urgently. And because Ayka is a woman, she works hard for it. And even harder because she is a Kyrgyz migrant with an expired work permit. Moreover, she has just become a mother, so the normal madness in Moscow's winter becomes a life-threatening trip. Physical performances, a gentle camera, an uncanny film.

The Match Factory

Ayka, played by the great Samal Yeslyamova, breaks out of the birth house, leaving her newborn behind. She does it out of sheer necessity. Soon, she has inflamed breasts and bleeding in her abdomen. Her everyday life is already an incredible challenge: the flat on Moscow's outskirts is narrow, dark, loud, crammed full of illegal immigrants from Kyrgyzstan; one job's gone, the other is slaving away for no money on the chicken conveyor belt in the backyard. But Ayka needs money, she has to pay it back, her creditors are relentless, the big city in any case. Sergey Dvortsevoy, who has given up documentary filming for ethical reasons, dedicates himself to this unforgettable female figure who is representative for all of the forgotten "at the bottom". The camera is so close to Ayka as if it wanted to caress and comfort her. At the same time, Dvortsevoy portrays a society in which the lives of individual dogs are more valuable than those of humans. Around 100 minutes of an almost unimaginable "normality" pass by, until Ayka finally cries. BW

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Sergey Dvortsevoy, Gennady Ostrovsky
Jolanta Dylewska
Maksim Belovolov, Martin Frühmorgen , Joanna Napieralska, Holger Lehmann
Sergey Dvortsevoy, Petar Markovic
Olga Jurasova
Samal Yesyamova, Zhipargul Abdilaeva, David Alaverdyan, Sergey Mazur, Slava Agashkin, Ashkat Kuchinchirekov
Martin Hampel, Sergey Dvortsevoy, Thanassis Karathanos, Anna Wydra
Pallas Film GmbH
Eurasia, Juben Pictures, KNM, ZDF/arte
The Match Factory
Michael Weber
Domstraße 60
50668 Köln
+49 221 53 97 090
Sergey Dvortsevoy

Sergey Dvortsevoy - born in 1962 in Chimkent, USSR (today Kazakhstan). He is an author, director, trained radio engineer and has worked for Aeroflot for several years before studying film in Moscow. Since then he has mainly made documentaries, including BREAD DAY (1998), which are known for their poetic images. In 2008 he created his debut with a feature film – TULPAN.

SHASTYE (1995, doc)
KHLEBNY DEN (1998, doc)
TRASSA (1999, doc)
V TEMNOTE (2004, doc)
TULPAN (2008, FFC 2008)

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