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Seric Aprymov
Kazakhstan, 2018, 104 Min

One call and 26 years of family history. Father and son don't speak that much. The film prefers to say what happened in carefully composed pictures and without many words. The absence of a mother's love, the brother's accidental death and the hard life in the Kazakh steppe: little Yerken has to endure all this and yet perseveres.

MERADA Production

Yerken gently looks into the vastness of the Kazakh steppe. Although he is only six years old, he acts like a small adult who let his thoughts wander in the barren landscape surrounding the village. The emotions are also barren – there is no trace of any love for the boy. Before Yerken starts school, a doctor certifies him as ADHD. He is due to go to the special school in the capital. But, thanks to the payment of some bribes, he manages just to get into the local regular school. From his parents’ point of view of, Yerken has turned out badly, quite unlike his older brother Marat. When he dies in an accident, the family falls apart. Yerken is now on his own, and yet he keeps to his own path.

Director Serik Aprymov makes an introverted, surprisingly independent boy the main character in his latest film as he recently did in his celebrated LITTLE BROTHER. The film consistently concentrates on Yerken and portrays a society without compassion. RP

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Seric Aprymov
Seric Aprymov
Ruslan Sakiev
Aizhan Bisimbinova
Murzali Zheenbaev
Erbolat Ospankulov, Zhiger Mirzabek, Aizada Satibaldieva, Termirlan Ksikbayev
Seric Aprymov
MERADA Production
MERADA Production
Seric Aprymov
Aimanova 140-369
050057 Almaty
+1 865 806 39 41
Seric Aprymov

Seric Aprymov - born in 1960 in Aksuat, Kazakhstan. He is a trained industrial technician and worked as a mechanic for several years before studying directing at the Moscow Film University VGIK. His films – which he not only directed, but often also wrote the script for or was a producer – were presented at many international film festivals and have received several awards.

AKSUAT (1997)
TRI BRATA (2000)
BAUYR (2013)

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