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Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Sweden, 2018, 94 Min

Summer in a mountain village on the border between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The young philosophy student Jagoda from Montenegro visits her family and breaks up the supposed monotony of village life. The war in Yugoslavia has left many wounds here and in her family. But this summer is marked by reconciliation.

Balkan Kino

It is now midsummer in the place where the war had recently been waged in a disintegrating Yugoslavia. Jagoda spends her holidays at her relatives. Her cousin Zdravko, who has remained faithful to his village, prefers to seek his fortune in the countryside. This large family lives with the traumas of war and looks forward to the next generation with high hopes.

12-year-old Luka grows up with his grandparents. His mother died young and his father went to work in the USA. The different age groups deal with the traumatic past in different ways. While the older ones come to terms with the newly ordered state borders, the younger ones are prepared to break them. This is then how the Croatian border guard Nikola comes closer to Jagoda’s family.

With BORDERS, RAINDROPS, Nikola Mijović and Vlastimir Sudar have made a "quiet" film about the ethnic-national conflict and its consequences by using the example of a multi-generational family. Special imagery is created with impressive landscapes and virtuoso camera work. IB

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Nikola Mijović, Vlastimir Sudar
Miloš Jaćimović
Vanesa Lorena Tate
Alexander Fry
Mina Burić, Tamara Tričković
Kristina Stevović, Vahidin Prelić, Robert Budak, Nedjeljko Neno Milović, Ognjen Ogi Vujović, Nada Pavićević, Marta Pićurić
Vlastimir Sudar
Balkan Kino
Oskar Film, Montenegro Max Films, Media Plus, All Inclusive Films
Balkan Kino
Vlastimir Sudar
Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović

Vlastimir Sudar, Nikola Mijović - both born in former Yugoslavia. They met during their film studies at Central Saint Martins College in London. Both have made several short films and published scientific articles in various international journals. Mijović and Sudar are lecturers in film at the University of the Arts London. BORDERS, RAINDROPS is their second joint project, for which they founded their own production company.

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