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#horyzonty katowice - DUST

Jakub Radej
Poland, 2017, 25 Min

Life can be full of surprises, treasures, banality, pain and joy … But the inventory of a curriculum vitae can also become waste disposal and work – official, business-like, soulless.

WRiTv Katowice Film School

An ambulance pushes its way through a crowded street. It lasts and lasts … We’re worried about the life of a person who needs help. The other vehicles draw aside. Then death wins the competition with time and leaves its traces behind: a nameless corpse and all the belongings which were collected in life and now need to be disposed of.

The pathos-free document – filmed with the orderliness of a meeting-minutes – tells the story of a life after death. KM

DCP | Dok. | Farbe / Colour
Jakub Radej
Józefina Gocman
Tomasz Dukszta C.A.S. , Jan Chojnacki, Maciej Krakówka
Jakub Radej
WRiTv Katowice Film School
WRiTv Katowice Film School
WRiTv Katowice Film School
Dagmara Magiera
Bytkowska 1b St.
40008 Katowice
+48 32 258 24 21 08
Jakub Radej

Jakub Radej - born in 1991 in Cieszyn, Poland. Graduated in film directing at the Silesian University of Katowice and in DOK PRO (Documentary Programme) at the Wajda School. His short films have been invited to many international film festivals. He has worked as assistant director for Beata Dzianowicz (ON THE RUN, FFC 2018), Wojciech Smarzowski (VOLHYNIA, FFC 2017) and Maciej Żak (CONVOY, FFC 2017).

GHETTO GOSPEL (2011, doc, short)
GOD BLESS YOU (2014, short)
SWEET HOME CZYŻEWO (2017, short, FFC 2018)
RYKOSZETY (2018, post prod.)

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