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Jadna gesta, jaden dych, jaden kosmos – Komponist Juro Mětšk

A Gesture, a Wisp, a Universe – The Composer Juro Mětšk

Roman Pernack, Martin Zawadzki
Germany, 2018, 30 Min

Gentle approach to one of the most important Sorbian composers: observations of everyday life and during the work, self-disclosure, insights into the creative process, snapshots of an artist's marriage and the sensual experience of music.

rbb Studio Cottbus

How is a piece of music created in the mind? How do Sorbian roots continue in a work that does not seem to be ethnically defined? How do drums and cello talk to each other? And to what extent do the songs of the “Osterreiter” (a procession held on Easter by riding on horses) find their way into symphonic music? Atmospherically dense, supported by paintings and lyrics by Ulrike Mětšk and metrically structured by exclusively and carefully produced music parts – the portrait created for the rbb breaks the boundaries of formatted television. GL

The documentary was produced as part of the rbb programme "Łužyca – Sorbisches aus der Lausitz" (Łužyca – Sorbian stories from Lusatia).

HD File | Dok. | Farbe / Colour
Roman Pernack, Martin Zawadzki
Roman Pernack
Kaspar Wollheim, Ulrich Hieber
Martin Zawadzki
Juro Mětšk
Martin Zawadzki
Eine zzzFilm Produktion im Auftrag des RBB Studio Cottbus
rbb Studio Cottbus
Hellmuth Henneberg
Berliner Straße 155
03046 Cottbus
+49 35 51 43 92 00

Roman Pernack, Martin Zawadzki -

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