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Korniy Gricyuk
Ukraine, 2017, 70 Min

Utopia versus reality. Is there a Ukrainian identity? A Ukrainian dream? Or is it normal that the inhabitants of this county are spread across the whole world? What has to happen in a country for all its people to flee? These are the central questions tackled by this unusual mockumentary.


The reality: the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has the goal for Ukraine to apply to the EU in 2020. The Dystopia: a fictional Canadian director comes in this year to the Ukraine, where his grandparents were born. Though once the visa and migration freedom for Ukrainians in the EU is established the country is orphaned – almost 40 million people have left the land. Only a handful of souls are left behind, each for another reason. A girl – the only candidate for her country – prepares for a beauty competition, an engineer arranges to populate the country with robots. A Chinese researcher, in turn, is weighing up the chances for a colonisation by resettles from China.

In his low budget mockumentary, the Ukrainian filmmaker Korniy Gricyuk exaggerates the phenomenon of mass migration from his homeland to satiric levels. The potholes on the road of dreams for a better future and the stagnation in the face of war and economic problems become abundantly clear in the exodus depicted here. But migration is a real problem. NaF

DCP | Farbe / Colour
Korniy Gricyuk
Ben Zion Lazarevych
Danilo Okulov
Korniy Gricyuk, Zhanna Laka
Ben Zion Lazarevych
GrosovSka Band, Salaka
Kateryna Koltsova, Gleb Buriak, Andrew Kulikov, Victor Manza, Oleksiy Petukhov, Igor Salimonov, Dmitry Abramov, Elena Demchenko, Nikita Panisov, Anna Kravchenko, Boris Abramov
Anna Palenchuk
Olena Kirichek
47 Oblonskaya Str.
04071 Kyiv
+38 09 34 49 59 35
Korniy Gricyuk

Korniy Gricyuk - born in 1991 in Donetsk, Ukraine. He graduated from the National University of Donetsk at the Faculty of Philology. He then worked as a screenwriter and editor on television and film productions before starting his own projects. 2020 #DESERTEDCOUNTRY is his full-length debut.

HIPPODROME (2014, short)
TALENT (2014, short)
TRANSDUCER 2015, short)

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