Section: POLSKIE HORYZONTY: The Female Gaze



Viktor Oszkár Nagy
Hungary, 2015, 52 Min

Stamp; file; next, please. A young case worker in the Hungarian foreigners’ registration office forces her clients to disclose intimate affairs by way of a finely tuned set of questions. The tension rises on both sides of the desk. A chilly criticism of bureaucracy – not only regarding conditions in Hungary.

Passing through the foreigners’ registration office’s swinging door, we enter into a pitiless bureaucratic machine where each client is nothing more than a file. New case worker Anna daily meets desperate migrants caught between the right to stay and deportation. Many of them worry about their residence status even after decades of living in Hungary. This mixture of personal proximity and the constraint of having to make unpopular decisions makes Anna feel increasingly uncomfortable. The pressure the young woman is under mounts as empathy is not included in her job description.

In BUREAU, Director Viktor Oszkár Nagy, who intensively explored the topic of escape and migration already in his documentary CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (2011), scrutinises not only the situation in Hungary, but also common migration policy clichés. This documentary style television film does not separate between ‘good’ and ‘evil’; rather, it attempts to furnish the cold walls of a government office with a human face – by way of protagonists (migrants re-enacting their own cases) and amateur actors who, in largely improvised dialogues, feel intuitively affected by the oppressive, interrogation-like situation. KG

HD File | Farbe/ colour
Viktor Oszkár Nagy, Petra Szőcs
Tamás Dobos
Péter Benjámin Lukács
Péter Sass
Csaba Hajnóczy
Anna Fignár, Zoltán Batka, Turan Kaya, Elif Kaya, Bernadett Valéria Marton-John, Sanju John
Sára László, Marcell Gerő

Károly krt. 3/C.
Viktor Oszkár Nagy

Viktor Oszkár Nagy -

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