Section: Short Film Competition

100 EUR

100 EUR

Aleksey Lapin
, 2018, 25 Min

Christmas in Vienna. On the eve of their journey home two Romanian guest workers are fighting a seemingly hopeless battle for their outstanding wages. At the same time they are on the run from their landlord, to whom they still owe a month's rent.

Alexey Lapin's brilliantly produced game of cat-and-mouse is reminiscent of early films of the Romanian New Wave. With great intuition the interaction between camera and the spectacle is given free rein, all of which is rounded off by Kafkaesque dialogues about the gravitational force of an apple and even Hitler in Argentina. All the while however the film never loses sight of its protagonists and the precarious situation in which they find themselves, as the director boldly questions Western European norms and attempts to reflect on them through the eyes of two undocumented workers from Romania. JJ

Aleksey Lapin
Serafin Spitzer
Ken Rischard, Theda Schifferdecker, Lenja Gathmann
Nooran Talebi
Nataliya Lugovaya, Claudia Joldes
Moritz Stieber
Iulian Postelnicu, Alfredo Minea, Claudia Joldes, Tom Feichtinger, Thomas Mraz
Claudia Joldes
Filmakademie Wien Seidlgasse 17/13 1030, Wien 004369911305460
Claudia Joldes
Aleksey Lapin

Aleksey Lapin -

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