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Cold Meridian

Cold Meridian

Peter Strickland
, 2020, 6 Min

Dream and dance in the mind of Hungary's rising screen star Juli Jakab (SON OF SAUL , SUNSET). A mesmerising performance by two dancers. Shot on 8mm film by psycho-horror director Peter Strickland. An experimental relaxation video.

In his film, commissioned by the London Short Film Festival, Peter Strickland makes use of the relaxation methods of ASMR technology. Acoustic and visual sensory stimuli are triggered, which have a calming effect on the viewer. The sounds of washing your hair and dripping water, whispering voices or the folding of photographic paper cast a spell. The naked bodies of the dancers spin around the room. Between acts Jakab pauses and waits for the next idea to occur to him. Up close one experiences a remarkably creative process. JJ

Peter Strickland
Márk Győri
Péter Terner
Mátyás Fekete
Dora Nedeczky
Dalma Wéninger, Máté Váth, Juli Jakab, Marci Kristóf
Dora Nedeczky
Mindwax +36308756764
Sparks Camera & Lighting Ltd.
Judit Romwalter
Peter Strickland

Peter Strickland -

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