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Jonáš Karásek
Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2019, 127 Min

In the period leading up to the revolution dissident Ćierný and illegal art dealer Lupko share the same fate; they are both prisoners. And yet following on from the general amnesty, declared by President Václav Havel upon taking office, a mutiny breaks out, as a result of which the life of one of them comes to depend on the decision of the other in this gripping political thriller, which looks back at the period of transition in Czechoslovakia from an unusual perspective.

Up until the Velvet Revolution notorious Leopoldov Prison's inhabitants number political prisoners. Art thief Lupko works in the prison library and delivers secret messages to his fellow inmates. Having an important message for her imprisoned husband, Mrs Čierná turns to the wife of actor Kelemen. Mrs Kelemenová knows full well that her husband is having an affair with Lupko's wife and proceeds to exert pressure on her in order to ensure the message is smuggled in. Thus it is that the fortunes of these three couples come to be intertwined in the period prior to the revolution. And they cross paths once again during the prisoner revolt in 1990 when, it turns out, the protagonists' roles have been unexpectedly reversed. Drawing inspiration from real events, the film revolves around a violent rebellion that occurred after Havel's highly controversial amnesty. Instead of portraying the period as a time of widespread enthusiasm and optimism, director Jonáš Karásek paints an unusually sombre picture, accentuating the dark side of the transition era and the self-interest driven individuals who inhabited it. CF

Beata Grünmannová, Maroš Hečko, Marek Janičík
Tomáš Juríček
Viktor Krivosudský, Adam Kuchta
Matej Beneš
Tomáš Berka, Václav Vohlídal
Jozef Luptak
Juraj Bača, Natália Germani, Anna Geislerová, Marek Vašut, Marek Majeský, Jana Oľhová
Maroš Hečko, Peter Veverka, Nataša Duričová, Jiří Konečný
AZYL Production s.r.o. Endorfilm, s.r.o. Panennska 13 811 03 Bratislava
Endorfilm s.r.o.
Peter Veverka
AZYL Prduction
Panennska 13
811 03 Bratislava Slovakia

Jonáš Karásek

Jonáš Karásek -

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