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A Trip

Nejc Gazvoda
Slovenia, 2011, 85 Min
Insomnia World Sales

The award-winning debut by Nejc Gazvoda depicts a story of three friends who embark on a journey to the seaside. In a richly sexual and conflictive atmosphere, stories are told, secrets are unveiled and their friendship is at risk. Andrej’s self-irony and humour actually conceal his fear to face his homosexuality in a real and serious manner. Gregor is a soldier who tries to forget about war on this trip although he goes to a war mission right after. And Živa has a secret nobody should know about. Moreover, the sexual tension between Živa and Gregor opens the question of their past relationship. These personal narratives are intertwined with the history of the friendship, which is distorted by lies. Will their friendship survive? This road movie is about the post-communist Generation X lost in the modern world and constantly looking for happiness. The intimacy and closeness among the characters is reached by well written dialogues and excellent performances of the three main actors. Through electronic music and hand held camera, the director connects not only with the young audience but with everyone who likes well narrated low budget stories. If American independent cinema had a European doppelganger, it would look like IZLET.

35mm | Farbe / colour
Nejc Gazvoda
Marko Brdar
Peter Žerovnik
Nejc Gazvoda ,Janez Lapajne
Simon Repnik , Sandra Ržen ,Nejc Gazvoda
Julij Zornik
Jure Henigman, Luka Cimprič, Nina Rakovec
Aleš Pavlin, Andrej Štritof
Perfo Production
Insomnia World Sales
Stéphanie Roux
50 bis rue de la Mare
75020 Paris
Tel:+33.499.61 08 35
Fax:+33.467.59 94 97

Nejc Gazvoda - – born 1985 in Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia.
Author, screenwriter and director, he is
a graduate of the Ljubljana Academy of
Theatre, Radio, Film and Television.
In 2006 his collection of short stories
"Vevericam nič ne uide" won the Fabula
Literary Award.

KOT PTIČ (2006, short, doc)
BORDO RDEČA (2007, short)
SKRBNIK (2008, short)

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