Section: Close Up WWII


Celebration Day

Nathalia Konchalovsky
Russia, 2020, 10 Min

May 9th, Moscow, Victory Day: the city celebrates the end of World War II with the traditional parade. Tanks roll through the streets. Military music booms from the speakers. Young Sasha cannot find peace however.

She has a day off. Her friend has to work in the café, ex-boyfriend Pasha only has time later. Thus Sasha makes her way past the revellers out on the streets. Military head-wear and flags are proudly displayed, as are photos of fallen war heroes. In the turmoil she finds herself both carried away and pushed around, even fighting against the current. Without a specific destination she drifts through the city until Pasha finally shows up. Natasha Konchalovsky portrays her central character as an indecisive anti-hero on this commemorative day of such importance to Russia's identity; and thus challenges the concept of heroism so closely associated with it. MM

Nathalia Konchalovsky
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Aleksander Valentsov
Nathalia Konchalovsky
Nathalia Konchalovsky
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Nathalia Konchalovsky
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Nathalia Konchalovsky

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