Section: Close Up WWII



Eluned Zoë Aiano, Anna Benner
Germany, Czech Republic, 2019, 19 Min

Decades after the end of the Second World War a chapter from the past causes an uproar in the tranquil spa town of Třeboň: is it true that a local Czech nurse, something of a “seductress”, instead of curing German soldiers was busy bringing their lives to an early end?

Many years ago representatives of the international press travelled to this spa town to find out what the story was all about. Who was this nurse who gallivanted with German soldiers and, after being raped, took revenge by infecting them with syphilis? Is it true that her German lovers disappeared one after the other? Did this woman actually exist? In their search for clues, the two directors unleash a series of clever mind games; taken together with the reunion with many a heroine from film history it also quickly leads to the question of why it is that, for the most part, it is only male heroes that are still talked about today. CF

Klára Belicová
Michał Krajczok, Vojtěch Knot
Eluned Zoe Aiano
Raphael Tschernuth
Lioba Grunoq
Linda Dedkova
ZLA Films +49 172 795 6747
Punk Film
Zoe Aiano

Eluned Zoë Aiano, Anna Benner -

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