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Kaikki synnit

All the Sins (Season II, Ep. 4-6)

Mika Ronkainen
Finland, 2020, 237 Min

The death of a married couple shakes a deeply Christian province in northern Finland. Was it suicide or murder? The liberal couple were outsiders in such a straight-laced community. They were working on the design of a new type of phone, yet there were issues in the production phase and the inspector's wife was closer to the couple than she initially wants to admit.

1999, the turn of the millennium is approaching and the Finnish media is dominated by reports of a possible Millennium bug. Investigating policeman Jussi Ritola has other worries however: the alleged suicide of a married couple is more complicated than initially assumed. Investigations are slowed down time and again by his puritanical Christian superior; members of the latter's community are involved and financial losses could result. Ritola's private life is also affected however: it turns out his wife was involved in an extramarital affair with the couple and he is furious. This sequel to the Finnish series ALL THE SINS is actually a prequel; the story takes place fifteen years before last year's series, future commissioner Lauri Räihä can be seen as a teenager in the company of her family, as can other characters such as the pastor. A very atmospheric and aesthetically powerful thriller as well as a portrait of a region strongly influenced by the Laestadian religious community, a Lutheran sect. WMH

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