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Kým sa skoncí táto noc

Before Tonight is Over

Peter Solan
ČSSR (Slovakia), 1965, 91 Min

There is a lot going on in this all-night bar somewhere up in the High Tatras: The guests dance, drink and flirt, as personal fates are revealed in the intoxication of the night; at times these are tragic, at others amusing and also rather ordinary. A social panorama of the 1960s, with plenty of space for improvisation, wit and unexpected twists and turns.

A colourful crowd comes to the all-night bar in the hope of leaving everyday life behind. Technicians Miloš and Květinka flirt with two young Czech women who have saved up all year long for a carefree vacation in the mountains. One is an experienced seducer, the other somewhat awkward and clumsy. A man at the bar is feeling generous and enjoys buying the favour of everyone present. All the while an elderly couple looks on bitterly from one of the side tables. Appearances can be deceptive however … Tibor Vichta's screenplay was written in 1957, and yet wasn't allowed to be made into a film until 1965, when the conditions had grown more liberal. The script was innovative by the standards of Slovak film at the time, since it only alluded to a plot and forewent dialogue, relying as it did entirely on the actors' improvisational skills. The use of several cameras was also new, allowing a widening of the focus beyond the film's main characters.

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