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Are You Feeling Good?

Are You Feeling Good?

Matúš Krajňák
Slovakia, 2011, 12 Min

No pleasant guy this lonely rider, who zigzags his way through the landscape on his heavy motorcycle, gambles at slot machines and offends the sensibilities of women. And then he tries to make up for a past mistake.

Having been up to no good during the day, he now desperately wants to get an hour off work from his boss at the parcel centre, even though he himself had previously volunteered to work the night shift. He doesn't give a reason. Is this short film by Matúš Krajňák perhaps a settling of scores with the men back in his homeland whom the young director once left behind to study at the DFFB in Berlin? Now based in London, he is currently producing a romantic internet series about queer dating and working on a feature film script on a similar topic.

Matúš Krajňák
Erik Eržin
Ján Hanušovský , Adam Hrubý , Michal Džadoň
Jakub Fischer
Andrej Farba
Richard Félix, Vladimír Obšil, Tomáš Vravník, Zuzana Porubjaková, Pavol Šimun, Lenka Barilíková, Alexandra Palatinusová, Barbosa Švidraňová
Andrej Sedlák, Tomáš Tomášek
Matúš Krajňák

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