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After the Winter

Ivan Bakrač
Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, France , 2021, 101 Min

Generation In-Between: When the war raged in the Balkans they were but children. Today Mladen, Danilo, Bubi, Maija and Jana are in their early thirties and find themselves scattered all over the former Yugoslavia. They were able to maintain a bond through the times of war and conflict over nationality; now, however, they stand on the brink of a transformation during which they will have to say goodbye to the past.

In avoidance of a conventional narrative arc Ivan Bakrač sets off in search of clues amidst the sensitivities of Generation In-Between. In the film's episodic structure the characters' past remains deliberately opaque. The wandering dramaturgy, characterised by omissions, portrays a feeling of not belonging, whilst the summery camera perspectives convey the carelessness of fleeting youth. The events around them force these young people to take responsibility in a world that, for them, consists primarily of fragmentary narratives from the past and the loose ends of history. Against a background of autobiographical experience, AFTER THE WINTER explores the trauma and dispositions of young adults today in the successor states of the former Yugoslavia.

Ivan Bakrač
Dušan Grubin
Dario Domitrović
Nataša Pantić
Dragana Baćović
Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
Momčilo Otašević, Petar Burić, Ivona Kustudić, Ana Vučković, Maja Šuša
Ivan Đurović
Artikulacija Film
Biberche Productions, Akcija Film, Maxima Film, Arizona Productions
Artikulacija Film
Ivan Đurović
Ivan Bakrač

Ivan Bakrač -

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