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Andrei Huțuleac
Romania, 2021, 78 Min

A real-life shit storm in the truest sense of the word. A cell phone video of bank clerk Aline's dog vomiting in the subway serves as the prelude to an absurdly comical online social shaming satire. Conservationists, the tabloid press and artists, they all want to go viral by means of piggybacking on Aline's newfound fame and so set off a hunt that is second to none.

Aline saves a puppy from loneliness at the animal shelter and proceeds to stuff him full of biscuits in a somewhat impetuous display of maternal care; shortly afterwards the overburdened animal vomits in the subway. This, in turn, is filmed by a boy who shares it on video platforms in the hope of becoming the “King of Likes”. Akin to a random spark, he sets off a blazing social media fire: Aline soon finds herself the subject of outrageous charges that are the result of viral smear campaigns. Her job will soon be on the line. A spiral of horror unfolds, which focuses its primary attention on the real-life effects of a virtual space, the development of which has gotten out of hand, and in which everyone feels emboldened to chime in with their two cents on any matter without having to fear personal consequences; as a result, the real life of a largely innocent individual is destroyed. In a series of trashy comic scenes Andrei Hutuleacs succeeds brilliantly in transforming the fate of one woman into a reflection of a deep-seated social crisis.

Andrei Huțuleac
Constantin Ene Jr.
Alexandru Dumitru
Alex Pintică
Adeline Andreea Bădescu
Franz Schubert, Pepe, Șatra B.E.N.Z.
Andreea Grămoșteanu, Tudor Istodor, Cezar Antal, Paul Chiribuță, Coca Bloos
Dan Chișu
DaKino Productions
DaKino Productions
Dan Chișu
Andrei Huțuleac

Andrei Huțuleac -

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