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Barevný sen

A Colorful Dream

Jan Balej
Czech Republic, 2020, 74 Min

An imagination for freedom. A group of travelling performers falls into the clutches of a perfidious dictatorship and yet refuses to be defeated. Making reference to both historical and current events, this animated political thriller looks at a fight against the mechanisms of a dictatorship, narrated in the finest Czech puppet traditions, complete with modern computer animation and black humour.

A colourful group of artists lands on a remote island in the middle of the vast ocean. The artists want to perform in the streets and entertain the locals, that however isn't allowed without official permission. And from the very first encounter with state officials it becomes clear that artists and foreigners are not welcome. The despotic leader's daughter, spoilt and yet bored, convinces her father to allow these colourful characters to perform. The performance proves an abject failure however; the artists are locked up. Drin manages to escape and does everything in his power to save his friends.

Thirty years after the Velvet Revolution in Prague director Jan Balej and his team remind us that freedom and democracy cannot be taken for granted. The surveillance state they describe has the features of modern dictatorships, reminiscent of the Stalinism of the 1950s, yet also contains allusions to our everyday existence in the here and now.

Jan Balej, Michal Bureš
Martin Prockázka
Jan Čenék
Tomáš Doruška
Jan Balej
Daniel Wunsch
Jan Balej
Hafan Film
Hafan Film
Jan Balej
Jan Balej

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