Section: POLSKIE HORYZONTY: The Female Gaze

Atlas ptáků

Bird Atlas

Olmo Omerzu
Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, 2021, 86 Min

Wealth, abuse of power and a desperate search for love. The old patriarch suffers a heart attack and, together with his closest confidante, 41 million have suddenly disappeared. Mistrust is rampant among the family members who run the company. A clever internet scam or a plot? Nobody can be trusted anymore.

Merciless insight into the world of the super-rich, where an addiction to money, power and resentment have eroded the forms of mutual trust within a family that are generally taken for granted. When the old patriarch Ivo, hitherto the man through whom all aspects of the multi-million dollar company once flowed, is no longer able to work, his sons try to sort out the utter chaos he has left behind. Whilst one wants to make quick money, the other suspects a fraud. It is only the return of the weakened, though no less hard-headed Ivo that gets the ball rolling however. Though he may have failed to move with spirit of the times, his will remains relentless, and so he hunts down those who stand in his way without regard for casualties. And then there is his accountant and closest confidante Marie, who had always longed for love. She has disappeared and millions are missing. The revenge of a disappointed lover? Commercial sabotage? Or is it an internet scam? Slowly but surely Ivo has her cornered.

Olmo Omerzu

Olmo Omerzu -

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