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Czarna owca

Black Sheep

Aleksander Pietrzak
Poland, 2021, 112 Min

At first glance Magda and Arek would appear to be happily married. Their son Tomek is a video blogger and on the way to the top. The facade is shattered however when Magda comes out as a lesbian on the couple's 25th wedding anniversary, an announcement which changes the fate of a whole family in this turbulent patchwork romantic comedy from Poland.

Jaroslaw Sosinski

Although it initially seems as if the subsequent conflicts will lead to ever more painful wounds these problems, having been suppressed for many years, suddenly prove a source of new opportunities for all members of the family. Long-term job-seeker Arek finds work and falls in love with his English teacher. Son Tomek is forced to take responsibility for his life and has to consider whether it is a career or a relationship is more important to him. And Magda carefully makes her way through her new world of emotions. On a turbulent roller coaster ride both effortlessly captured and full of heart, “Black Sheep” traces the path from a conventional family model to a modern patchwork in which, however, there remains space for traditional family ideals. It is neither whether nor how but rather the fact that family creates deep connections that forms the core of Aleksander Pietrzak's fast-paced comedy, one which recently topped the Polish box office charts.

1:2.35 [Cinemascope]
Bartosz Kozera
Mateusz Pastewka
5.1 Digital
Jaroslaw Barzan
Krzysztof Aleksander Janczak
Arkadiusz Jakubik, Magdalena Poplawska, Kamil Szeptycki
Anna Wasniewska-Gill
TVN Discovery Group
TVN Discovery Group
Joanna Bogunia
Aleksander Pietrzak

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