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Nová šichta

A New Shift

Jindřich Andrš
Czech Republic, 2020, 91 Min

Tomáš has spent half his life working in the mines when he is made redundant and subsequently propelled into a bright new future: a middle-aged punk with long hair who prefers to go to the match and drink beer with his friends becomes a programmer. He does everything in his power to fit in with the digital natives yet will he find a place for himself in their world?

Captured from close quarters, almost affectionately one might say, this multi-award winning documentary follows Tomáš over the course of two years. During this time he succeeds in subtly questioning the neo-liberal narrative that everyone is master of his/her own destiny since, at the very moment when all hurdles seem to have been overcome and the hero has arrived in his new world, the search for meaning arises anew. How does one measure happiness, success and whether one has lived a fulfilled life? That, too, is structural change.

Jindřich Andrš
Tomáš Frkal
5.1 Digital
Lukáš Janičík
Eliška Cílková
Miloš Lochman, Augustina Micková, Karel Chvojka
moloko film
Czech TV, FAMU, Studio Bystrouška
Miloš Lochman
Jindřich Andrš

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