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All Our Fears

Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt
PL, 2021, 94 Min

An intimate togetherness come undone: Daniel is successful, but also torn between his small village community and urban art galleries, the Catholic Church and his gay identity. When a friend from the LGBT community kills herself after suffering homophobic abuse, a rift of hostility opens up. Daniel makes it his life’s mission to redeem his community through an ultimate work of art.

Sculptor and activist Daniel lives in a village and is both devout and openly gay. He organises local farmers' protests against EU agricultural policy and is involved in a working group fighting for equality for homosexuals in the church. This combination earns him both tolerance and respect, unlike his lesbian friend, who commits suicide because of homophobic abuse. Daniel is plagued by guilt - he once encouraged her to open up about her sexual identity. That Daniel openly addresses the conflict meets with little approval and drives him into ever more dangerous arguments. Based on the real-life story of the artist Daniel Rycharski, Łukasz Ronduda and Łukasz Gutt stage here a gripping portrait that is full of surprises and won the Golden Lion at the Gdynia Film Festival 2021.

Stadthalle, Weltspiegel (large hall): original version with English subtitles + German simultaneous translation

Michal Oleszczyk, Łukasz Ronduda , Katarzyna Sarnowska
Łukasz Gutt
Kamil Grzybowski, Przemyslaw Chruscielewski
Joanna Kaczyńska
Pavel Juzwuk, Igor Klaczynski, Marcin Lenarczyk, Bartosz Lupinski
Dawid Ogrodnik -Daniel
Maria Maj - Grandma of Daniel
Andrzej Chyra - Father of Daniel
Oskar Rybaczek - Olek
Jacek Poniedziałek - Karol
Agata Labno - Jagoda Majewska
Jowita Budnik - Jadwiga Majewska
Ewa Konstancja Bulhak - Anka
Kuba Kosma, Katarzyna Sarnowska
Serce (Poland)
Levent Gültan, Boguslav Kisielewski, Kino Polska (Poland)
Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt

Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt - Łukasz Ronduda

Łukasz Ronduda is Feature film director and art curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. His feature debut, PERFORMER, won "Think: An Award" at the Berlin International FilmFestival. His second film, A HEART OF LOVE, which was presented at multiple international film festivals including Berlin and Rotterdam, won him the nomination for Krzysztof Krauze Award granted by the Directors' Guild of Poland in recognition of nonconformity.

Łukasz Gutt

Łukasz Gutt is a cinematographer and director. Films as DOP, among others: Ki by Kiby Leszek Dawid (Venice IFF), The Butler by Filip Bajon (Gdynia Film Festival, GoldenLion), The Performer and A Heart of Love. He co-directed, an epic documentary Scrap Odyssey with Paweł Ferdek in Kyrgyzstan.

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