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Trecea un prinț călare


Cristina Grosan
RO, 2022, 22 Min

During a theater workshop for teenagers, young Alex gets into an intimate situation with an older girl. But is this really what he wanted? Annoyance, congratulations - Alex doesn't know what's happening to him with this reversal of gender roles.

No sooner has Alex said goodbye to his girlfriend than the alcohol is flowing in streams at the acting camp for teenagers in the middle of the forest. But for Alex, the exciting opportunity quickly turns into a nightmare when he becomes intimate with an older girl not really wanted. Cleverly, director Cristina Groșan illustrates the issue of consent - or lack thereof - by holding a mirror up to us all with the reversal of the usual gender roles.

Weltspiegel Room 2: Original version with English subtitles
Kammerbühne/Serienlounge: original version with English subtitles.

Cristina Groșan, Marek Novák
Mihai Marius Apopei
Tomáš Oramus
Alexandra Jonášová
Andrada Chiriac
Cristian Robe, Silvana Mihai
Anamaria Antoci, Anda Ionescu
Tangaj Production
Marek Novák, Xova Film
Cristina Grosan

Cristina Grosan - Cristina Groșan is a Hungarian-Romanian filmmaker and visual artist. She is active in design and visual communication in Budapest’s cultural sector, while she is directing her own fiction films. Her award-winning short “Holiday at the Seaside” exploring a mother-daughter-relationship screened at more than 40 festivals, was distributed in several territories and recently premiered online, amassing over 1 million views. In 2021, she released her debut feature shot in Hungary, “Things Worth Weeping For” written with Nora Rainer-Micsinyei and produced by Judit Stalter (Laokoon Filmgroup, HU). Her second feature, “Ordinary Failures” co-written with Czech writer Klára Vlasákova and produced by Xova Film, in co-production with Laokoon Filmgroup, Rosamont, SuperFilm premiered in 2022’s Venice Film Festival - Giornate degli Autori.

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