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A Parked Life

A Parked Life

Peter Triest
BE/NL , 2021, 90 Min

Europe only exists on the motorways says Bulgarian long-distance driver Petar. He almost only sees his wife and young son on his mobile phone. He wasn't even there when he was born. A visually impressive, subtle documentary about the solitude of a trucker’s existence and a Europe of social contrasts.

It's snowing, almost idyllically so, in the far north of Europe when Petar discusses the details of the separation from his wife in Bulgaria. He drives trucks on Europe's motorways for at least three months at a time. He rarely sees his son Dani, which upsets him emotionally, since Petar knows what it's like to grow up without a father. In this calm, contemplative documentary film, director Peter Triest devotes an atmospheric portrait to the “cosmonauts of the highways”. Magnificent snow and mountain landscapes contrast with the inner emptiness of the truckers. They sit together in the evenings, prepare their meals on gas stoves, and curse democracy and that everything nowadays revolves around money. The only thing they never question is their entrapment in a traditional image of manhood. All the while, Petar never shows any understanding for his wife, who is raises their son Dani alone.

Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with english subtitles

Presented by Crossing Europe.

Peter Triest
Renaat Lambeets
Ralf Verbeek
Bert Dockx
Bart Van Langendonck
Peter Triest

Peter Triest - Born in 1973 in Belgium. Peter graduated from the RITCS film school in Brussels in 1995, specializing in screenwriting and excelling in editing and photography. He worked several years as a director and editor for multiple Belgian broadcasters and for the European Union. In 2004 he obtained a master's degree in history and started working as a communication adviser. In 2016 he was selected to take part in the renowned IDFA/MEDIAFONDS workshop, an intens crash course in documentary making. He was that year's winner of the workshop with the project "a Parked Life” which, in 2021, resulted in his first feature documentary.

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