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Tskals sazghvrebi ar akvs


Maradia Tsaava
GE/FR, 2021, 85 Min

Living together in secret: around a dam between Georgia and the breakaway region of Abkhazia, people create a piece of everyday life together. A film team actually wants to shoot a report on the highest arch dam on earth, but it fails due to bureaucratic hurdles. Instead, the filmmakers encounter the stories of the people affected by the conflict.

After a failed reporting trip, director Maradia Tsaava's car also gives up the ghost. The car breaks down in the middle of the border between Georgia and the pro-Russian conflict region of Abkhazia, which unilaterally declared its independence after an armed conflict in the 1990s. But instead of despairing, the director decides to stay on the ground and tries to get inside the country. Georgian citizens are otherwise not allowed to enter the country. While she waits, she turns her camera on the sympathetic people working on the dam, which is run jointly by Georgians and Abkhazians. Hidden stories of legal and clandestine border crossings come to light, telling an impressive story of how people continue to try to live together despite war and suffering, far from the big power politics.

Text: Joshua Jádi

Glad-House/Obenkino: Original version with English subtitles

Nik Voigt
Ana Davitashvili; Tamta Mandzulashvili Niko Tarielashvili; Tengo Mandzulashvil, Geoffroy Garing; Paata Godziashvilii
Maradia Tsaava; Anne Jochum; Jérôme Huguenin-Virchaux
Opyodoc | Mariam Chachia; Luciano Gloor (Georgia) Faites Un Voeu | Edith Farine (France)
Maradia Tsaava

Maradia Tsaava - Maradia Tsaava is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker from Tbilisi, Georgia. She isactively working with different local and international media organizations and is involved in thefilm industry representing Georgian production company OpyoDoc.In 2021 Maradia finished her first feature documentary Water Has No Borders, which premieredat DOK Leipzig International Competition section and now she is working on her seconddocumentary feature.

2022: Director - At Home (OpyoDoc Production), 8 mins
2021: Director - Water Has No Borders (Opyodoc Production), 86 mins
2020: Director - Adapted (Chaikhana), 21 mins

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