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Alfons – Too Much Hanky Not Enough Panky

Alfons - Too Much Hanky Not Enough Panky

Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin
New Zealand, 2013, 9 Min

Alfons, a quirky loner, decides to take a chance and leap into the unforgiving world of dating.

Manuel Czepok

When he finally manages to secure a date, he is determined to get everything right. But no amount of planning can prepare him for the short but perilous journey on the road to love.

HDFile | Farbe / colour
Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin
Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin
Eamon O'Neil
Corrado Ianiri, Manuel Czepok, Jan Maroske
Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin
Matt McGuinness
Benjamin Fransham
Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin
Manick Productions
Manuel Czepok
Tel.: +64 276 29.90 06

Manuel Czepok, Nick Fredin -
Manuel Czepok
– born 1982 in Cottbus

Nick Fredin
– born 1982 in Vancouver, Canada.

Both directors started with animated short films and worked their way up to feature films like TINTIN, RISE OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES and THE HOBBIT.

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