Section: Youth Film U18 Competition

Brutální vedro

Brutal Heat

Albert Hospodářský
Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2023, 75 Min

18-year-old Vincek wants to escape the heat of the city and visit his friends in the country. But the trip turns into an odyssey, because the world is out of joint as a piece of the sun hurtles towards the earth and people start acting without any logic. A cinematic thought experiment about the coming of age of a generation that does not know whether it has a future at all. People of all ages are at a loss.

FSK 16

A piece of the sun has detached itself and is now hurtling towards Earth. In thirty years it may hit our planet and destroy it - or simply fly past. No one knows. The only thing that is tangible so far is the unbearable, paralysing heat. This also prevails when Vincek wakes up in the morning. He lives with his father in Prague, and their relationship is not particularly cordial. Just like the days before, today does not promise any highlights. Then a buddy calls and convinces Vincek to join him and other friends in a weekend house in the country where it is cooler. What should be a simple drive becomes a challenge as people stop reacting and acting the way they used to. For Vincek, it finally becomes really dangerous...Using the example of Vincek, whose role director Albert Hospodářský cast with his brother, he shows the difficult process of growing up in times of global threat. But it is not only the young people who are at a loss; some older people also behave as if there were no tomorrow. Does the global crisis reduce people to their inner core? An interesting thought experiment that makes you think.

Text: Christina Frankenberg


The film will be shown in the original language with English subtitles and simultaneously translated into German. Headphones are available free of charge against a deposit in the cinema foyer.

Albert Hospodářský
Tomas Uhlik
Vaclav Kopelec
Ondrej Nuslauer
Matej Sykora
Jan Tomas
Vincent Hospodarsky
Zdenka Petrova
Milan Mikulcik
Marta Bacikova
Ondrej Lukes, Lukas Kokes
nutprodukce s.r.o.
Punkchart films
Albert Hospodářský

Albert Hospodářský - was born in 1996 in Jihlava. He studied at the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU in Prague. He is involved in both documentary and fiction filmmaking. Besides directing films, he also writes short stories and film scripts. Currently, he is engaged in the development of several scripts for upcoming feature film projects.

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