Section: Feature Film Competition

Mərmər soyuğu


Asif Rustamov
AZ/FR, 2022, 88 Min

A slightly different love triangle from today's Baku. A troubled artist, son of a murderer, regularly and secretly sleeps with the wife of an oligarch in a small museum – and has no chance of asserting himself against the powerful people in his environment.


#feature #drama #generations 

After sex accompanied by music playing on the gramophone, the married young woman grabs his cigarette from her bearded, long-haired lover with her toes. Shortly afterwards the two leave their love nest. It is located in a small museum where she works, which is the former home of a late national poet. This is the beginning of a bitter satire about a would-be artist who would like to be a famous painter, but instead engraves the portraits of deceased on gravestones.

His manipulative lover is married to a wealthy businessman and his father is a murderer who was just released from prison. Director Asif Rustamov paints a sarcastic, dark picture of a society that only values ​​success and power. He didn't make a flawless tragedy, but rather an original dramedy.

Text: Jörg Taszman

Asif Rustamov, Roelof Jan Minneboo
Oktay Namazov, Adil Abbasov
Orkhan Agalarov
Rza Asgarov
Rafig Nasirov
Gurban Ismayilov, Elshan Asgarov, Natavan Abbasli
Arzu Aliyeva
Azerbaijanfilm, ITV, BMC
Guillaume de Seille, Arizona films/ FR
Asif Rustamov

Asif Rustamov - Asif Rustamov was born in 1975 in Baku (Azerbaijan) and studied in private Economic University (1992-1995) and Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art (2000-2004) – cinema department, film director faculty. His filmography includes shorts and documentaries, which he participated in and was awarded in many international festivals. In 2014 he made his debut feature “Down the River” which premiered in Karlovy Vary Film Festival, participated in many festivals and won several prizes. Cofounder of the Association of Young Filmmakers of Azerbaijan, he is also a member of the “European Film Academy” and “APSA” 

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