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Ion Borş
MD/RO/ES , 2022, 101 Min

Bold war satire: Moldova in the 90s. Between absurd comedy, corrupt politicians and a lot of rakia, Vasea and Duma discover an unknown, charred corpse to which they want to pay their last respects.

In 1992, little Moldova sinks into the chaos as a consequence of the Transnistrian War. Between the ruins of the Soviet Union, tractor driver Dima is looking for a piece of happiness and Afghanistan veteran Vasea is looking for peace. Their paths cross when they find a charred corpse and decide to give her a proper send-off. Their bizarre venture takes them through a world full of crooked politicians, greedy priests and shady KGB agents. A sophisticated mixture of dramatic farce and satirical comedy that takes us on an adventurous journey through the turmoil of war and makes us reflect on the nature of humanity. In the wildness of embattled Moldavia, Borş not only lets us laugh at the bizarre theater of life, but also celebrates the small victories of humanity in a world gone out of control.

Mariana Starciuc
Ruben Agadjanean
Roman Bordei
Sergiu Barajin
Elena Porumbescu
Serghei Kharlamov
Dumitru Roman
Ion Vântu
Igor Caras
Ion Coșeru
Adriana Bîtcă
Ion Bors, Sergiu Cumatrenco
Sergiu Pascaru, Marin Cumatrenco
Ion Borş

Ion Borş - born in 1990, he graduated in Acting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau, Moldova. He is the founder of the "Kantora Film Production" house and produced & directed his first short film "One Less One More" in 2018 . The film premiered and won 3 awards at the RAVAC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and was also screened at the  "FilmFestival Cottbus" in Germany. CARBON is his debut feature film.

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