Section: Short Film Competition



Hrvoje Mabić
HR, 2023, 15 Min

A storm sweeps across the country, lightning streaks through the sky. In the house, the dead eyes of hunting trophies stare into space, while a boy seeks refuge in the barn next door. A dark fairy tale about exclusion and racism.

Hrvoje Mabić
Tomislav Sutlar
Dubravka Premar
Marin Juranić
Željka Burić
Alena Džebo, Mario Knezović, Edvin Ibrahim, Ismet Čolić
Marina Andree Škop, Darija Kulenović Gudan
Studio dim
Ivan Maloča - Inter filmd.o.o.
Hrvoje Mabić

Hrvoje Mabić - Born in 1974 in Croatia. In 1997, graduated philosophy in Zagreb. He is the founder of the production studio Fantastically good institution – Fade in, which deals with socially engaged films and television products. In 2002, he is the co-initiator of the Croatian cult documentary serial „Direct“ in which he is the author and producer. He directed many successful documentary series, many PSA’s and commercials for televisions and twelve documentary films. His last film, feature documentary SICK, was screened at various important festivals.

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