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Rain Rannu
EE, 2022, 93 Min

Because 9-year-old Alex doesn't feel like being abstinent from the internet during the holidays, she runs off in the middle of the back-to-nature vacation in search of reception, leaves her helicopter parents alone in digital detox – and lands in a Second World War bunker. There, a handful of computer nerds are secretly working to become number one in the global AI market. Original genre variation with elements of sci-fi and adventure films.

#feature #distopia #family 

After the nine-year-old leaves her parents alone at breakfast with muesli because somewhere in this beautiful but godforsaken swampland there must still be a few bites for the daily dose of TikTok & Co., she gets lost and gets stranded in a World War -Bunker, where four high-tech freaks work on a groundbreaking invention. They want to make a perfect AI machine marketable using Hollywood hero concepts and are on the verge of a breakthrough. The young runaway is quickly held prisoner. While volunteers are looking for the lost daughter above, she soon makes friends with one of the robots while she's in captivity and plans her escape. The fascinatingly photographed genre film by Rain Rannu oscillates between the swamp landscape, which seems almost unreal in its beauty, and the underground activities that are supposed to change the world of tomorrow. This work, which only has a few protagonists, is a parable on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice that fits perfectly into today's times. The dangers of artificial intelligence that can no longer be controlled by humans are being discussed in a playful way and Rain Rannu plays with elements of sci-fi and adventure films.

Rain Rannu
Ants Tammik
Markus Andreas & Aleksandra Koel
Rain Rannu & Moonika Põdersalu
Krete Tarkmees
Bert On Beats
Johann Urb, Anna Elisabeth Leetmäe, Yulin Ng, Priit Pius, Ivo Uukkivi
Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain Rannu
Rain Rannu

Rain Rannu - Rain Rannu is an Estonian film director. His films often focus on different subcultures that are governed by some strange inner logic. His previous film as writer-director arestartup-comedy Chasing Unicorns (Ükssarvik, 2019, “how can something that didn’texist two days ago be worth a million dollars?”) and AI-themed sci-fi adventure Child Machine ( 2023, “it sucks to be number two intelligent species on this planet — just askthe gorillas.”). Together with producer Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain is a founder of indie movie company Tallifornia that produces and finances narrative feature films from talented filmmakers from Estonia and elsewhere.

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