Section: Focus

Zanim Opadną Liście

Before the Foliage Falls

Władysław Ślesicki
Poland, 1964, 28 Min
Filmoteka Narodowa

A unique report on the everyday reality of
the last Romani trek before the enactment
in 1964 of a law which imposed a ban on
wandering, in effect forcing the Polish
Roma to settle.

35 mm | s/w / b/w
Władysław Ślesicki, Bronisław Baraniecki
Bronisław Baraniecki
Andrzej Bohdanowicz
Krystyna Rutkowska
Jerzy Dorożyński
Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumenatlnych i Fabularnych (WFDiF)
Filmoteka Narodowa
Justzna Turczynowicz

Władysław Ślesicki - – born 1927 in Warsaw, passed away in
2008. Śiesicki was an award-winning
documentary and feature filmmaker, known
in Germany for his famous two-part feature
film W PUSTYNI I PUSZCZY (1973).

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