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Anduni - fremde Heimat

Anduni - foreign Home

Samira Radsi
Germany, 2010, 91 Min
elsani film

Belinda comes from an Armenian family which has resided in Germany for decades. In order to escape the encirclement of her parochial family clan and the confines of home, she decides to take up studies in Cologne. There Belinda commences to lead a perfectly normal “German” life. Among her relatives nobody is aware that she lives together with her boyfriend Manuel and plans on starting a family. Suddenly however her father passes away and, since her mother barely speaks German, Belinda is forced to take care of her surviving dependant's pension. In the process the young woman gets caught up in the eccentric Armenian microcosm of Cologne, in which values such as community and tradition co-exist together with strictly patriarchal norms and rules. Whilst she finds a new friend in the form of her cousin, Manuel struggles to make sense of this strange new world...

The director’s debut feature film depicts a young woman’s search for home whilst torn between different cultures; having initially struggled to accept her seemingly old-fashioned family, Belinda later herself undertakes a journey to Armenia. In addition Belinda's mother, uncle and aunt, Armenians from Turkey who now live in Germany, also begin to experience identity-related doubts. A tragicomic story on the eternal longing for a feeling of home and belonging.

35mm | Farbe / colour
Karin Kaci
Matthias Fleischer
Hank Trede
Thierry Faber
Christina Schaffer, Romy Reinfeld
Dürbeck und Dohmen, Anselme Pau
Irina Potapenko, Florian Lukas, Tilo Prückner, Berrin Alganer-Lenz, Günay Köse, Nursel Köse
Anita Elsani
elsani film
Paul Thiltges Distributions, WDR
elsani film
Brabanter Str. 53
50672 Köln
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Fax: +49.221.562 67 55
Samira Radsi

Samira Radsi - – born 1968 in Krefeld. Studied politics and art history at the University of Cologne from 1989-92. Postgraduate studies in directing at the University of Hamburg from 1996-98. Based in Berlin, Radsi has as of 2005 been active as a freelance director.

DAS GELBE TRIKOT (1997, short)
SAME OLD STORY (1997, short)
RAN AN DEN SPECK (1998, short)
PEACE&BEER (2002, short)
TALK TO ME (2005, short)

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