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51 Malecón

51 Malecón

Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Canada, France, Cuba, 2015, 42 Min

Havana, Cuba. An unusual fourteen-story apartment block soars above the surrounding historical buildings. A poetic snap-shot of the everyday life that plays out in the monolith's stairwells and corridors, its imagery and sounds so serene that they generate an atmosphere of suspense, as if both viewer and the locals were waiting for something to happen.

Capfour Films

Amongst the crumbling facades of the old colonial district a modernistic apartment block, constructed in the sixties, dominates the skyline of the seafront boulevard, the Malecón. As usual the cleaning lady talks to herself, whilst the plumber skilfully seals the leaking pipes with nothing more than a plastic bag. Elsa, an elderly yet highly energetic woman, completes an exercise routine with her physiotherapist, when really she needs to stop smoking. Later in the day she gets together with her friends, they discuss God, the universe and the virtues of men from different countries. The phone line is dead, a neighbour repairs his American-built limousine. Life at a standstill and in motion: everyday tales and snap-shots of a society in a trance, with an architectural structure that serves as a metaphor for the island as a whole. WMH

DCP | Farbe / colour
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour, Hubert Hayaud
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Blaise Margail, Guy Dubuisson
Edra Rodríguez, René Pérez, Georgina Torres, Félix Martínez, Haydée Ramos, Marilyn Fontaine
Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour
Capfour Films
Capfour Films
Jean-Guillaume Caplain
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Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour

Jean-Guillaume Caplain, Francis Delfour -  

Jean-Guillaume Caplain 
– born in France. He worked as a radio and TV journalist before moving to Quebec, Canada, in 1996. His documentary features were screened and awarded at major film festivals. He now shares his life between organic winemaking and filmmaking.

Francis Delfour
– born 1975 in Montreal, Canada. He was director of photography before directing his own documentary films who were screened and awarded at international film festivals. In addition, he has been a successful screenwriter, and works as a restaurant critique.

Jean-Guillaume Caplain:
L'ULTIME MARCHE (2006, doc)
Francis Delfour:
MISTER SABBAGH (2006, doc)
RAPAYAN (2008, doc)

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