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12 Y Malecón, Habana

12 Y Malecón, Habana

Elí Roland Sachs
Germany, 2012, 52 Min

A student's life in Cuba: a modern apartment block, built to house a hall of residence, stands directly by the waterfront. Constructed as part of the national scholarship programme, the building is a world within itself, a world that represents a remarkably representative microcosm of Cuban society as a whole.

Academy of Media Arts Cologne

From the offset universal education was a fundamental principle of Cuba's Socialist system, and yet decade-long economic crises have seen this model start to come apart at the seams. Director Elí Roland Sachs offers insight into the everyday lives of Cuban students in and around Cuba's largest dormitory building, located directly on the country's most famous promenade: meals in the canteen and students cleaning the corridors. Discussions in the six-bed dorms on everyday problems: water, electricity, a lack of both. International and domestic students coexist, one of the latter reads Wladimir Kaminer in the original and discusses the German subjunctive, whilst in the corridor a mural painting covers the walls: Fidel Castro looks on, serious yet benevolent, with the heading “It was here that I became a revolutionary”. WMH

Blu-Ray | Farbe / colour
Elí Roland Sachs, Maria Kindling
Elí Roland Sachs
Maria Kindling
Aldo Rey Valderrama
Adolfo Menas Cejas
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Ute Dilger
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
50676 Cologne
Tel.: + 30
Elí Roland Sachs

Elí Roland Sachs - born 1985 in Göttingen, Germany. He worked as a camera assistant and lighting technician until entering the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2007. He graduated in documentary film directing and photography. Since 2013 Sachs has worked as an independent camera operator and director. In 2015 he founded the film production company DOKOMOTIVE.

VISIONEN EINER VISION (2011, short, doc)

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