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33 Minuty w Zielonej Górze czyli w połowie drogi

33 Minutes in Zielona Góra

Tomasz Łupak
Poland, 2016, 60 Min

In Cottbus' partner city Zielona Góra, located half-way between Berlin and Wrocław, an impoverished tinsmith and a rotund yet affluent widow make one another's acquaintance at the Hotel Posthof in this comical sketch based on a music comedy by Karl von Holtei, with the leading role played by Beata Małecka, renowned locally as both an actress and DJ.

Stowarzyszenie Aktorów Niezależnych

This short comical sketch, with its elements of tongue-in-cheek irony and humour, draws inspiration from the vaudeville style adopted by Breslau-born poet von Holtei (1798-1880) in satirising the German comedy “Auf halbem Weg” from the year 1939, which was indeed also based on the work of Holtei. The action is set at the Zajazd Pocztowy, a suitably rustic location complete with the obligatory wine cellar archways.

Alongside Małecka the cast includes further local notables, such as Marcin Wiśniewski, who for years now has played the role of local Bacchus. As is generally the case with folk plays, the moral of the story is wrapped up in unexpected twists and turns and complex family relations: though initially unaware of the fact, the tinsmith and widow, allocated the same room in Grünberg/Zielona Góra, are in fact already related by marriage. His brother, her husband, recently passed away, providing the reason for her travels; she wanted to meet him in Breslau/Wrocław, he in turn was hoping to find work.


mkv | Farbe / colour
Halina Bohuta-Stąpel
Łukasz Sikorski
Piotr Spychała
Tomasz Łupak, Jacek Serżysko, Piotr Bujakowski, Marcin Kuśnierz
Tomasz Łupak
Halina Bohuta-Stąpel
Beata Małecka, Sławek Kaczmarek, Magdalena Mikołajczyk, Marcin Wiśniewski, Roman Garbowski
Stowarzyszenie Aktorów Niezależnych
Stowarzyszenie Aktorów Niezależnych
Carbo Media, Lubuska Agencja Elblask
Stowarzyszenie Aktorów Niezależnych
Beata Beling
Ul. Botaniczna 6/18
65-306 Zielona Góra
Tel.: +48.504.02.37 20
Tomasz Łupak

Tomasz Łupak - born 1979 in Głogów, Poland. A cabaret artist, writer, set designer and actor, he is furthermore a member of the award-winning cabaret crew Kabaret Słuchajcie, which was founded back in 1998 in Zielona Góra.

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