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Am Ende des Jahrtausends, z. B. Dresden, Deutschland 1991

At the End of the Millennium – e.g. Dresden, Germany 1991

Daniel Glaser
Germany, 1991, 29 Min

The Swiss artist Daniel Glaser spent a short time in Dresden in 1991: his “outsider's” perspective on the changes taking place at the time is forthright, as he captures his surroundings, raises questions and reveals the absurdity of the moment.

In the words of the video artist: “In 1991, I just happened to be in Dresden for a few days, during which the renaming of the city's streets was a major issue. Coming from Switzerland many aspects of life in Dresden struck me as exotic: take for example the locals who had lived at one and the same place for decades, and received a new address every time a change of system occurred. The fact that the street names had been changed time and again in the course of the twentieth century (...) struck me as hauntingly absurd and at the same time almost laughable. Quickly I came to the conclusion that I wanted to shoot a film! (…) In the process I attempted to juxtapose the documentary quality of the work with my personal point of view. At the time I observed a sense of optimism, that Eastern Germany would cut its own path, rather than be wholly subsumed by the West. The enthusiasm was contagious, and I wasn't immune. But what alternatives were there at the time?” KF

DVD | s/w / b/w
Daniel Glaser
Lars Schreiber, Frank Eckert
Daniel Glaser
Daniel Glaser
Frohburgstraße 60
8006 Zurich
Tel.: 16

Daniel Glaser - born 1963 in Olten, Switzerland. From 1988-1991 he studied philosophy, biology, art history and film. Subsequently he directed documentary and experimental films. Glaser also worked as a screenwriter. Since 2000 he has been working as a fine artist together with Magdalena Kunz as Duo Glaser/Kunz.

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