Section: Feature Film Competition

O luna in Thailanda

A Month in Thailand

Paul Negoescu
Romania, 2012, 0 Min
MPM Film

The film commences with a love scene between Adina and Radu, a young couple. They behave as if following a long-established routine, almost devoid of emotion. Afterwards routine organisational issues are discussed; it's December 31. Over time various discussions over essentially non-issues confer the impression of a make-believe relationship, which in turn causes discomfort to Radu (as well as the viewer). Adina's parents invite them to dinner in the early evening; a careless comment on the part of Adina's father strengthens Radu's sense of unease. Thus they move on, to a strangely sterile New Year's Eve party, complete with karaoke; He wants to stay, she doesn't. Thus begins an odyssey through the night, in the course of which Radu attempts to establish what he really wants. Most notably he yearns for his supposed true love; he makes the acquaintance of new women, proves however absent-minded, abrasive and constantly attempts to call his ex-girlfriend Nadia, who in turn refuses to answer the phone. At once Radu is convinced that she was the one. In the course of the evening they indeed meet again, the result of which is an argument with far-reaching consequences and a sobering conclusion about a life spent together.

Concise, expertly staged and acted portrait of the thirty-plus generation in Bucharest. An entertaining treat full of incisive and entertaining dialogue and complimented by wonderfully unobtrusive and sensitive camera work.

HD | Farbe / colour
Paul Negoescu, Vlad Trandafir
Andrei Butică
Filip Mureşan, Vlad Voinescu
Alexandru Radu
Cirecica Cuciuc
Codrin Lazar
Andrei Mateiu, Ioana Anstasia Anton, Sînziana Nicola, Tudor Aaron Istodor, Raluca Aprodu, Victoria Răileanu
Ada Solomon
HI Film productions
Abis Studio
MPM Film
17 rue Julien Lacroix
75020 Paris
Tel: +331.58 53 57 12
Fax:+331.42 81 42 50
Paul Negoescu

Paul Negoescu - born 1984 in Bucharest. Studied directing at the local I.L. Caragiale film academy. His short films have been screened at Cannes, the Berlinale and in Karlovy Vary. His latest work HORIZON (2012) is represented at this year's FilmFestival Cottbus short film category.

EXAMEN (2006, short)
ACASA (2007, short)
RADU + ANA (2008, short)
TÂRZIU (2008, short)
RENOVARE (2009, short)
DERBY (2010, short)
ORIZONT (2012, short)

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