Section: Short Film Competition


brotherhood of men

Dmitriy Dyuzhev
Russia, 2011, 30 Min
Studio Slon

Misha and Petya are brothers for whom life is one constant struggle; showing neither emotion nor mercy they endlessly lay into one another, a situation their single father is unable to handle. Helplessly he watches on, keeps his mind off things with the training of attack dogs and chances his arm with love for the first time since the death of his wife. As matters come to a head he resolves to bring about familial peace by means of a lie. A rich and engagingly depicted hope-infused tale of childhood cruelty. DK

35mm | Farbe / colour
Ilya Avramenko, Dmitri Diuzhev
Oleg Lukichev
Boris Voit
Sergei Ivanov
Marusia Parfenova-Chukhrai
Darin Sysoev
Savva Gusev, Roman Makedonsky, Tagir Rakhimov, Yulia Snigir
Sabina Eremeeva, Viktor Piskunov
SLON (Elephant), Paraman Film, Mosfilm
Studio Slon
1 Msofilmovskaya Str.
Mosco 119991
Tel/ Fax:+7.499.143 95 95
Dmitriy Dyuzhev

Dmitriy Dyuzhev - born 1978 in Astrakhan, Russia. Studied directing and the performing arts at GITIS (workshop by M. Zakharov). Made his name as an actor performing in the TV criminal saga BRIGADA; followed by roles in works such as Aleksey Balabanov's ZHMURKI (2005, Cottbus 2005). BRATIYA is his directing début.

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