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Jan Cvitković
Slovenia, 2012, 72 Min

A woman, man and child at one with nature. Employing imagery, movement and sound the directors tells in this, his third feature film, a wordless tale of three individuals in a timeless, post-apocalyptic landscape of white cliffs, blue waters and green forests and fields. The sole allusion to the present day and possible recent past of conflict and destruction is the sequence in which the peak of a forest bunker can be briefly glimpsed. The three protagonists roam through an at once sumptuous and hostile landscape: In silence, employing solely mimic and gesture, in a seemingly quaint pantomime. Vulnerable individuals exposed to the elements of wind, water, earth and fire; vulnerable in a domineering and perfectly self-sufficient nature. Fragile individuals pitched into a world in which they are yet to find a raison d'être: helpless in the storm, waves and forests; mistrustful and full of hatred towards their fellow surviving humans. Only slowly, through the mutual animosity and repeated attempts at annihilating one another do they find common ground in a moment of peace and reflection. The director's ruminant portrayal of nature in image and sound is no pre-historic idyll however; instead the woman, man and child are foreign bodies in an environment with which little by little, via the soughing of the trees and the waves, they are able to find harmony.

35mm | Farbe / colour
Jan Cvitković
Jure Cernec
Miloš Martin Kalusek
Medea Novak, Niko Novak, Tommaso Finzi
Jozko Rutar
RTV Slovenija
Miha Cernec
Majaronova 16
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tel.+386.1.320 08 02
Jan Cvitković

Jan Cvitković - born in 1966. After travelling extensively across Israel, Egypt and East Africa he took up studies in archaeology, graduating in 1999. Has since worked as director, scriptwriter and actor. Several of Cvitković's works have featured at the FilmFestival Cottbus in previous years

SRCE JE KOS MESA (2003, short, Cottbus 2004)
ODGROBADOGROBA (2005, Cottbus 2005)
VEM (2008, short)
TO JE ZEMLJA, BRAT MOJ (2009, short)

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