Section: POLSKIE HORYZONTY: The Female Gaze

Balazher. Korrekturen der Wirklichkeit

Balazher. The Corrections of Reality

Lesia Kordonets
Ukraine, Switzerland, 2013, 29 Min
Lesia Kordonets

An ancient bus, a tenacious driver and patient
commuters. A glance at these faces, both
young and old, reveals a whole range of emotions,
from scepticism to aspiration. What do
they tell us about the Ukraine?

DCP | Farbe / colour
Lesia Kordonets
Lesia Kordonets
Tirza Bosshardt, Valentin Kemmner
Lesia Kordonets
Orkestr Tsche
Filippo Bonacci
Lesia Kordonets
Lesia Kordonets
Tel.: +41.76.412.44.82

Lesia Kordonets - – born 1983 in Ivanivka, USSR (now the
Ukraine). Studied German philology in her
homeland, before moving on to fi lm at the
Zurich Academy of Arts. Based between the
Ukraine, Germany and Switzerland.

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