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João Nuno Pinto
Portugal, Spain, Brasilien, Russland, 2010, 111 Min
Latido Films

Vitor, muddling through life on the basis of various semi-legal dealings, lives together with his Russian wife Liza and their son Mauro in an improvised settlement on the Portuguese Atlantic Coast. When Vitor gets involved in a shady business involving counterfeit Portuguese passports, the house becomes a contact point for illegal migrants hoping to secure an existence in the European Union. With their marriage suffering from a combination of indifference and male vanity, Liza begins an affair with one of the illegal aliens, Andrei from the Ukraine.

Akin to a crossover between Fado and American Independents, AMÉRICA presents a study of life on the edge of society.

35mm | Farbe / colour
Luísa Costa Gomes, Melanie Dimantas, João Nuno Pinto
Carlos Lopes, AIP
Antonio Rodríguez Mármol, Jaime Barros, José Luiz Sasso, Miriam Biderman
Luca Alverdi
Wayne Santos
Mikel Salas
Chulpan Khamatova, Fernando Luís, María Barranco, Dinarte Branco, Cassiano Carneiro
Pandora da Cunha Telles, António da Cunha Telles, Pedro Uriol, Giya Lordkipanidze, Aleksandr Shein, Sara Silveira, João Nuno Pinto, Miguel Varela
Ukbar Filmes
Filmes de Fundo, Morena Filmes, Dezenove som e Imagens, 2Plan2, Garage
Latido Films
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28013 Madrid
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João Nuno Pinto - born 1969 in Mozambique. Migrated to Portugal at the age of six, where he studied technology and graphic design, later graduating in directing from the New York Film Academy. AMÉRICA is his debut feature film.

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