Section: Youth Film U18 Competition

Bo Hai

Bo Hai

Dužan Duong
Czech Republic, 2017, 26 Min

Father and son alone at home. Given the former was born and raised in Vietnam whereas the latter grew up in Prague, it's no wonder that the pair soon have not only a generational conflict on their hands, but also a fully-fledged culture clash. A minimalist, almost documentary-like short film with an autobiographical background. 


AZN kru

A family of Vietnamese origin in Prague: due to a family fatality the mother flies back to Vietnam, leaving father (in Vietnamese "Bo") Hai and son Viet to fend for themselves without her assistance. It's not long before tensions come to the surface, with the strict father, who works from six in the morning to ten at night in his convenience store in order to support his family, demanding both obedience and constant help from his son. The latter would rather spend time with his friends, that is until his father is threatened by rampaging youths.

Director Dužan Duong and producer Jan Syruček, both students at Prague's FAMU film school, shot this work of docufiction with the aim of turning the spotlight on the state of this "silent minority" in the modern day Czech Republic. They state that members of the second generation "think like Czechs, speak like Czechs and yet look Vietnamese". That the film appears so authentic is largely due to the cast, with the main roles played by the director's father and brother. CF

DCP | Farbe / colour
Dužan Duong
Adam Mach
Adam Bláha
Michal Böhm
Marek Špitálský
Viet Ahn Duong, Hai Van Duong, Tomáš Lipský, Adam Joura, Hana Houbová
Jan Syruček
AZN kru
FAMU, Czech Television, Filmtalent Zlín Foundation
AZN kru
Jan Syruček
Počernická 62e
10800 Prague
Czech Republik
Dužan Duong

Dužan Duong - born in 1991 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He moved to the Czech Republic at the age of 4. After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague he was accepted to the FAMU in Prague. Dužan has created music videos, commercials and a few short films. This year’s FOCUS screens his short film MAT GOC.

MAT GOC (2013, short)

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