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Blood Sausage

Arkadiy Nepytaliuk
Ukraine, 2016, 23 Min

A black comedy with a deadly serious core: Andriy wants to introduce his new girlfriend Maria to his parents. She's Jewish however, something his mother is unwilling to accept, in this bitter satire on “Ukrainian blood” and the virulent anti-Semitism that continues to plague a nation.

Pronto Film

An already tense situation, with a young woman from the city meeting her provincial in-laws for the first time, is transformed in this work from Arkadiy Nepytaliuk into a form of social commentary. Blood-curdling images of a slaughter are interlaced with no less repulsive anti-Semitic comments. The message is clear: both ethnophobe and anti-Semitic attitudes remain for many, and not only in Eastern Europe, as much a part of tradition as the eponymous blood sausage and hospitality.

Despite the drama the film manages to create a village atmosphere that is inviting, even if a little quaint. This setting, in turn, makes the emotional turn the narrative later takes all the more shocking, as the audience are forced to question what the “values” behind the seemingly superficial facade of the jovial “good old days” really are. DJ

DCP | Farbe / colour
Arkadiy Nepytaliuk
Yaroslav Pilunskiy
Oleksandr Tytarenko
Voloodymyr Zaprygalov
Mykola Kischuk
Roman Cherenov
Ivan Blindar, Darya Polunina, Maria Svizhinska, Zahariy Novinskyi
Maxim Asadchiy
Pronto Film
Pronto Film
Maxim Asadchiy
10A Naberezhno-Khreschatitska Street, Office 1
04070 Kyiv
+ 31
Arkadiy Nepytaliuk

Arkadiy Nepytaliuk - born in 1967 in Lekhnivka, Ukraine. After graduating in acting and directing from Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University, he worked as a director for TV. His first feature film, PRYPUTNI premiered this summer at Odesa International Film Festival to much critical acclaim.


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