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5 Terapia

5 Therapy

Alisa Pavlovskaya
Ukraine, 2017, 75 Min

The real Stas Dombrovskiy: Odessa's most renowned former drug addict and former convict turned controversial representative of the city's underground arts scene, Dombrovskiy is a controversial icon of the period of transition from late socialism and Perestroika to modern Ukraine. In the film he plays himself, in a cathartic experience par excellence.

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It begins and ends with a group therapy session and reminiscences of the years when he would hide in the bathroom to escape his mother. The HIV-positive son is given a towel of his own; nobody wants anything to do with his kind. Despite promises made to the love of his life that he'll mend his ways, Dombrovskiy is in the thrall of addiction; in fact not only he, but the city and the crumbling empire as a whole seek refuge from the inferno in a frenzy of criminality, drug abuse and violence.

“This is neither art house, nor experimental cinema; this is a full scale film, a social blockbuster” says director Alisa Pavlovskaya, whose film adaptation of Dombrovskiy’s autobiographical novels represents a gauntlet thrown down to established cultural tastes. A story of a catharsis with far-reaching consequences, its portrayal is authentic, detailed and close to home, as embodied by the cast of real characters from the events described. BW

DCP | Farbe / colour
Alisa Pavlovskaya
Maria Perkunova
Alexey Sandula
Andrey Ilyin
Stas Dombrovskiy, Victor Brevis, Alina Putyshyna, Elena Dashevskaya, Sonya Kulagina, Alexander Osetinskiy, Konstantin Miskarov, Natalia Buzko, Lesya Verba, Vadim Kazakov, Alexander Vereshchagin, Andrey Lavrikov, Yuriy Parsakov, Igor Yeremichev, Alexander Ilvahin, Ilya Karpov, Nickolay Lepeshkin, Artem Matovitsev, Stas Podlipskiy
Valeriy Kalmykov, Victor Vilhelm
Trueman Production
Ant!pode Sales
Aleksandra Sarana
Novolesloy 5-38
127055 Moscow
+ 49
Alisa Pavlovskaya

Alisa Pavlovskaya - born in 1987 in Yaroslavl, Russia. In 2012 she graduated as a cinematographer from the VGIK in Moscow. She worked behind the camera on student films, shorts, music videos and TV series. In 2016, upon presenting her future film 5 TERAPIA, she became one of the Work in Progress section winners at the Odesa IFF.

TOPORKESTA (2012, doc)
ABER, 2012 (short, as DOP)
KOLDUN IGNAT I LIYUDY (2016, short, as DOP)

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