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Ein Leben in der Lausitz. Der Schriftsteller Jurij Koch

A Life in Lusatia. The Author Jurij Koch

Konstanze Weidhaas
Germany, 2011, 30 Min

Both portrait of an author and declaration of love to the homeland and language of the Sorbs. Jurij Koch returns to the places that shaped his childhood, reflects on life in the GDR and his work as a journalist, all the while returning to the issue that forever dominates his thoughts: the destruction of the environment.

rbb Studio Cottbus

This documentary film was produced to coincide with the 75th birthday of Jurij Koch, a writer who remains an active freelancer for the public regional broadcaster rbb’s Lower Sorbian to this day. The viewer encounters him chopping wood in his yard, at work in his study, in the workshop of artist Günter Rechen, visiting the grave of his father, at his grammar school in Varnsdorf in the Czech Republic and at play with his grandchildren, as well as at work in the rbb studio. Reminiscences and reflections on a childhood paradise, loss and betrayal, journalism and literature, influences both Sorbian and German, as well as resistance. GL

Julia Kunert
Mirko Hoffmann
Christian Neumann
Ulrich Kohrt, Marlis Hartmann
rbb Studio Cottbus
rbb Studio Cottbus
Hellmuth Henneberg
Berliner Straße 155
03046 Cottbus
+ 00
Konstanze Weidhaas

Konstanze Weidhaas - born in 1950 in Halle, Germany. From 1974 to 1991 she worked as dramaturge and editor for the television of the GDR. Until 2015 she worked as freelance editor, author and filmmaker, mainly for the German TV stations ORB and rbb.


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