Tiche doteky

A Certain Kind of Silence

Michal Hogenauer
Czech Republic, Netherlands, Latvia, 2019, 96 Min

Power and manipulation. Michaela takes up a position as an au pair abroad. Living together with the aloof family soon turns into a nightmare. Behind designer furniture, well-tended gardens and a strictly regulated daily routine, a psychological abyss opens up.

Michaela is supposed to look after ten-year-old Sebastian, the child of a wealthy family. The house is perfectly styled yet completely anonymous. And then strange things happen: the mother immediately gives her a new name; from now on she is to be called Mia. The second hand on the clock determines when the family starts to have breakfast. Parents and son are void of emotion and live according to strict, at times barely understandable rules, and these are now also to apply to Mia. This frosty psychological thriller was inspired by the case of the fundamental Christian "Twelve Tribes" sect, which was raided in Germany several years ago on suspicions of child abuse and subsequently moved to the Czech Republic. Cinematographer Gregg Telussa finds the right, perfectly composed images to underline the oppressive atmosphere of the film. CF, BB

Michal Hogenauer, Jakub Felcman
Gregg Telussa N.S.C.
Richard Müller
Michal Reich
Laura Dišlere
Filip Míšek
Eliska Krenkova, Jacob Jutte, Monic Hendrickx, Roeland Fernhout
Petr Oukropec
Negativ Ostrovni 30 110 00 Prague +420 224 933 755
Circe Films, Tasse Film
Daniel Vadocky
+420 224 933 755
Michal Hogenauer

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