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Grosse Träume

Big Dreams

Dan Pánek
Czech Republic, 2023, 102 Min

It is 1998 and the Czech hockey team wins the Olympic gold medal. All the children want to be like Jagr or Hašek, including 11-year-old Dom. But his mother does not believe in his abilities, and his stepfather even less so. Despite all doubts, Dom forms a hockey team with his best friend and trains hard to take on the experienced hockey team from the neighbouring village.




The team is joined not only by boys from the class, but also Katka, with whom Dom is in love. Although the team is quite uneven, they are already training for their first big challenge - a game against the team of the more experienced Red Wings from the neighboring village. But it ends in defeat and demotivates the children. Finally, Karel, former professional player, decides to train the Sabres and get them ready for another game against the Red Wings. The film contains one or two autobiographical anecdotes of the director. It tells not only about sports, but also about friendship and cohesion, about overcoming obstacles and pursuing dreams, even if they seem unattainable.

Text: Anke Donnerstag


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Dan Pánek
David Ployhar a.č.k.
Jiří Klenka
Vasilis Skalenakis
Tomáš Chlud
Jiří Hájek
Tom Brenton (Dom)
Johanka Racková (Káťa)
Hynek Čermák (Karel)
Klára Issová (Eva)
Fabián Šetlík (Dvořka)
Otakar Brousek ml. (Grandpa Pepík)
Taťjana Medvecká (Grandmother Natálie)
Pavel Batěk (Milan)
Tomáš Havlínek (referee Paštika)
Jana Bernášková (Marcela)
Štěpánka Fingerhuthová (Petra)
Simona Babčáková (teacher Hrabáková)
Dominik Hašek (Dominik Hašek)
Dan Pánek, Jan Lengyel, Martin Beinhauer, Michal Viktorin, Petr Sekanina, Jan Lacina
Visual riders
Concept film

Dan Pánek - Pánek debuted as a film director and screenwriter with his independent film Taxi 121 in 2016. His first directorial venture in the field of series is the 2019 internet hit called Behind the Curtain starring Hynek Čermák, Lenka Krobotová and Kamil Halbich. During the years of pandemic he co-founded the film production company Visual Riders s.r.o., which he intends to use in his future work. Dan Pánek also works as a commercial director. Děti Nagana/Big Dreams is his second feature film. Dan Pánek is not a graduate of any film school. He claims with some exaggeration that he gains his school education through watching films and active practice in the film environment. Currently he focuses on making films for the whole family, screenwriting and book writing. His first novel about the children of Terezin(concentration camp) called Raja will be published in autumn 2023.

2016 Taxi 121

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